We’re proud to announce our new partnership with The Marketing Advertising & Promotion Professionals (Cincinnati & Dayton, OH – www.themapp.biz) and also Google AdWords / YouTube to bring a fresh new concept to smaller businesses and organizations in the Cincinnati region!

NRCW CEO Drew Eppleysaid the new project idea will be one of the most focused services ever offered by his subsidiary NRCW TV (www.nrcwtv.com) which is currently a major part of the NRCW Commercial Website Solutions (www.nrcw.biz) featured services.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that Google, one of the leading global telecommunications, technology and digital advertising shows great interest in this new concept presented to their AdWords subsidiary which is now  a part of the YouTube platform”

– Drew Eppley

Josh Weum of Google Inc. Writes:


Wow, man….you’ve got a lot going on!

Hmmm….well, it seems that you could have some success handling YouTube campaigns within AdWords.

This is our fastest growing sub-platform and the cost-per-view of YouTube engagement is currently very low. With your production talents, it would not be hard to create effective video copy for prospective advertisers.

I like the content of your email…..speaking my language! Let’s plan to discuss future options / potential soon. In the meantime, here’s the latest round of AdWords updates….

“NRCW TV has been proud to be part of the NRCW family of companies since its inception with the Cincinnati Cyclones, Cincinnati Adult Ice Hockey Leagues and the AAHL Queen City Storm. I have to send out a special thanks to Google, the motivation from my firneds, support from family and motivation from clients. I couldn’t keep pushing forward without you guys. We’re excited about this opportunity to bring these subsidiaries closer together and also have the support as a Google Partner too.”

– Drew Eppley
Owner / Founder
NRCW Companies / NRCW TV

Stay tuned to www.nrcworldwide.com for additional information and expect to see new service packages offered to bring the full-scale HD digitial video experience to a fast-growing in-demand platform of web video and digital advertising.


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