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NRCW TV Expands
NRCW TV™ has invested in four new professional 3CCD cameras. Book with us today for your next video project!
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When it comes to online marketing, we extend our marketing knowledge toYouTube™. With a full range of services, provided by our partner company The MAPP™ we can reach a ton of people and not just using our NRCW TV™ outlets! Business, youth sports or your own idea? Contact us today!
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Creative Pro Video
NRCW TV has solutions for local youth & recreational sports, businesses and entertainment venues in the region. We bring a balance of HD video and the internet together to produce the same quality experience as mainstream media for smaller events.
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Mobile-Ready Broadcasting and Podcasting

Lekato Wireless Microphones
Google Pixel 7 Pro


We have recently upgraded our equipment in our collection with four new cameras including the Canon XH-A1 3CCD HD (1080P/30) Professional camera for true color and green screen production. We also have the Canon XL1 and XL1a mainly used for live broadcasts due to their age and also the Canon GL1 (all 3CCD).

Today we have 8 cameras available for broadcast work, production and recording! In 2012 we added the Sony HDV CDMA HD Video camera with a good collection of mounting equipment, a lavalier microphone, shotgun microphone, mounted lights and many more accessories.

NRCW TV has buit up quite a mobile on-location set of broadcast equipment. Although we are not professional-grade broadcasting company, we do currently own two cameras and various web cameras along with microchipped USB extensions (that allow video and data to reach >50 feet) and long DV cables (>40 feet) that will span a live setup of at least 90 feet between cmeras for a really impressive multi-angle presentation. This is great for stage performances, local events broadcasting, web interview, business broadcasts (webinairs) as well as sports and much more.

Our audio setup is semi-professional quality with our MX80 Pro Sound Mixer board that can hold up to five microphones and we currently have three professional XLR microphones we utilize to bring viewers the best quality audio possible for both web streaming and video production.

We utilize audio enhancement techniques to expand the depth and quality of the audio on our post production video and live music broadcasts that make the web stream sound as good as FM radio. The founder, Drew Eppley, is a 14 year vetran in commercial radio as both an on-air talent, DJ and audio production engineer. Check out our Club MYX broadcasts for real and upadted examples.

NRCW TV Equipment Brochure

Professional Lighting

Neweer Light Reflector

Drew Eppley Photography [NRCW PIX] AND NRCW TV https://www.facebook.com/nrcwpix

A Combination of Success and Expert A/V Recording & Production: “When it comes to lighting, we’ve got you covered, or filtered, or deflected even sometimes!”

Owner: Drew Eppley, playing with the new Neewer 5-in-1 reflector / diffuser for NRCW PIX™ and NRCW TV™ productions.

Just FYI: How this big Frisbee-looking thing works…

Image Credit / Source: Gearcraft (Photo Techniques)
GSKAIWEN Light Photography Studio

Professional Audio

Our Setup for AAHL in 2010