Cincinnati-Based Tristate Regional Weather Resource. A volunteer effort and solo project created by Drew Eppley with the goal to help save lives & protect property. When severe weather hits locally, we’re there!

NRCW Storm Intercept and its volunteers are 100% self funded. Primary focus mandated by the founder and lead chaser, Drew Eppley, dictates that this project operate as Citizen First Responders (primary cause) thus we have a higher due regard for certifications and training in both advanced-skill weather spotting, knowledge and experience with disaster-response and at least basic first aid knowledge to work with us.

During severe weather we may not be able to provide our followers with as much “exciting content” as we would a storm chase team or news station.

Liability is insured only in good-faith and just being out in the field has helped us connect with many First Responders from various villages, towns and cities building trust, respect and a professional relationship in a professional manner.