Stormchasing and Extreme Weather Photography can be VERY Dangerous. Any person should approach these activities with caution and ppropriate supervision, training and certifications when applicable.

When you are first starting out, travel with someone who knows what they are doing. NRCW Storm Chasers is proudly a responsible and educated volunteer project completely independent of any other network. Chasing is what we do and most importantly having been there and experienced unspeakable desturuction that mother nature has unleashed on various places in the USA, we have a deep emotional respect for the danger and risk associated with storm chasing.

Remember storm chasing and higher-rish photo & video ventures, chasing ALWAYS takes a back seat if there is a public emergency. If we should come across a disaster scene, we will report to whoever is in charge and offer assistance to the best of our abilities. If no one is in charge at a disaster site, we will take charge till an authority gets there, and then offer to help.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, are interested in partnering with us or wish to know more. We’re here for the community and our goal is to help save lives, document aftermath and help clean up wherever circumstances warrant action and have a close partnership with local authorities.

Important Note:

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO WHAT WE DO WITHOUT 100% CERTAINTY OF THE RISKS INVOLVED TO YOUR OWN LIFE AND PROPERTY! That’s what we’re here to defend and protect! Chasers are a close knit community and have close ties to local media and emergency professionals.